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International Women’s Day 2012
It is always a pleasure and an honour for me to speak on the occasion of International Women’s Day, and each year that we attempt to raise awareness ...

Educational Statistical Digest
The Education Statistics is based on data collected as of October 31, 2009 at the beginning of the current school year from public and privateinstitutions. Although some institutions may not have provided the requested data, the information contained herein has been collated based on the..

More than three thousand students from public and private primary schools will undergo the grades two and four national assessment on Wednesday and Thursday.

It is the first time the grade two assessment will be conducted, and it will test students in the third grade through second grade work, while the grade four assessment being held for a second year will test students currently in grade five on work at the grade four level.

One of the goals of the assessment to be undertaken in the areas of language arts and mathematics is to identify students' strengths and weaknesses, while at the same time ensure that the curriculum objectives are covered and students can move ahead.

Last year's grade four results were startling, revealing that a reading problem existed within the schools.

But Mrs. Patricia Collins, Education Officer responsible for Measurement and Evaluation is hoping for better results this time around.

"Having done it last year, I think teachers now know the structure of the assessment, and we're hoping that during the year, teachers would have taken time to focus on the curriculum objectives, and teach from the curriculum.

In all of the zones, there is a drive to eradicate illiteracy, and promote reading, but I think more needs to be done to improve reading. You cannot have children in grade three who are unable to read at the grade two level," she added.

Once the assessment is complete and the results reviewed, measures will be put in place to address the areas of weaknesses.

Measures were put in place by the Ministry of Education to provide the materials to adequately prepare students for the two-day assessment.

"For the grade two national assessment, principals were invited to come into the Ministry to collect specimen copies of the language arts and mathematics papers. However, some principals failed to collect them, thereby placing students at a disadvantage.

The Education Officer in charge of Measurement and Evaluation said principals were informed since the first week of the new school term to collect the specimen papers from 10th September, which would have given teachers adequate time to prepare students for the two-day examinations.

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